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25 January 2007 @ 08:12 am

The day I met you, was the day I knew life was worth living.

I sit today infront of my computer thinking what to write. A fanfic? A song? or should I make a video and graphic instead? What gift should I give to the 5 most important people in my life? And then I smile. I am penniless and I can't really give the satisfaction my girls deserves. So what else can I give? And I remember this.
I can only give LOVE.
Have you ever wondered where and when it started?
For this I can provide the story I can remember so vividly. The story of when I met the girls...one by one. :)
May 22, 2004
It was probably the most exhausting day of my life. Many things have happened as my day started, and what more in my afternoon when I have conveniently scheduled a meeting for my fangroup : ZAIZAI CRAZE? The meeting was at 12, but it's already 1 pm and I'm still printing blasted papers. -_-; I left at 3pm and hurriedly go to the venue : STARBUCKS, THE PODIUM. I was ofcourse, late. Make that 5 hours late. I the group owner / leader should've known better, but still I arrived there at 5. When I came in everyone's eyes were on me. The rain was pouring madly, as if to help my already weary senses, and I was soaked. I arrive with a grand welcome of stares and Kring / Red Star's smirking face. Ehe. I sit in the middle of the group of around 15 people who were attentively looking at me somewhat, and Kring had the grace to actually introduce me. It was a meeting for ZZ's birthday bash, which we planned as a charity event. People from different forums came...and one of them...became my bestfriend.
Nerie was seated, from what I remember, near the end of the sofa. She was with a friend and the moment I entered, she looked at me and studied me half the time. Heh. I noticed that. After a while I find out she's a Vanness fan, and is really active in Faithful Forever, and goes by the name 'machi'. I get shocked at this for I remember interacting with her a while back. I smile and ask her if she wanted to be moderator to my friend, who was present, Joan's fangroup, VANNDEMONIUM (eh, I created the name shut up. -_-;). She happily agrees. There were pictures taken and frankly, Nerie and I didn't talk much, it was just random talk and after a while, she was going back home. I didn't even take a second glance, not knowing she's going to have a huge impact on my life. Days went by, and slowly she became not only an internet friend, but a real life one. I didn't meet her after that event,  nor at ZZ's birthday bash. I talk to her online most of the time and it was nothing that would've opened to a close relationship...until RYIFC came.
It was probably the most random of my decisions. I was chatting with Nerie, waiting for her to go online, cause I wanted some Rainie videos from her. She points me to the sources of pics and I get all giddy about this. I was making my FIRST EVER KEN AND RAINIE VIDEO then. Fanfic was but a mere thought. After commenting that Rainie looked fantabulously gorgeous, I joke, "Nerie let's make her fanclub! let's make it a counterpart of KCIFC!" (KCIFC stands for Ken Chu International Fans Club, it's probably the most popular of all Ken Fan Clubs, since it's almost official now) Much to my surprise, Nerie agrees.
And so RYIFC came. A name which stands to : RAINIE YANG INTERNATIONAL FANS CLUB.
That was the start of closeness for me and Nerie I think. I do remember seeing her at the Vanness event, where we had this dance competition entitled "BODY WILL SING : A dance showdown for a cause" and she was the one present for the fangroup. She was so funny when she approached me and asked for an autograph. Ehe. How she ever thought I could be a star I have no idea. But I signed the paper just the same, it contained my latest fanfic and most popular yet, "WILL YOU WAIT FOR ME". I went home with her and discovered she lived soooo near my place. But I never gave that so much thought really. Until RYIFC came that is. With all the events, gatherings and random stuff we come up with, I became closer and closer to Nerie. She was my breather. I had my own set of friends before, THE 4 SISTERS OF THE F4 AFFILATION, Joan, Timi, Tel and Me. But we fell apart way back, and Nerie kept me sane. I never told her much, didn't even talk to her over the phone like I do now, but she kept me sane and I loved her for that. We kept close contact, her being the founder and moderator of RYIFC, and I dunno, being the KRaZY person that she is. Haha.
Nerie didn't know about my problems, no not at all. But she and I were close already. There was one person who got to hear all of my problems on my darkest year  of 2005...and her name was?
September 2004
It was a saturday. I have a full day's class and I wanna die thinking about it. I was sick too. That day I was ALMOST deciding not to go to the event I was suppose to go to, ONLYF4's ANNIVERSARY EVENT. I had no money on me, and I was nauseous already. But I had to meet Rhanie. She's a new found friend I got from writing fanfics. Added me in LJ too. We talked about going together, since both were going alone (although I have friends inside the ONLYF4 group, but they're busy for that day preparing). I met her and I was.......LATE. She was waiting in KFC, and I was worried she would be waiting for a very long time since I couldn't text her, my phone was dead. -_-; I see her sitting near the door, all shy to talk to me. It was most probably either because I looked sick, silly (I smsed her saying that I will be in pink and CHUNLI hair, the hair I loved to sport at that time) or I looked...pissed. Ehe. We hail a cab (and this is the start of my being a cabgirl extraordinaire) and go to the venue. I ask her if she knew bisaya / cebuano, and she looks at me smiling and answered Yes. I talk some cebuano / bisaya and she gleefully answers back. She's really so cute.
We arrive at the venue and pick a seat, while I talked with some of my friends who inquired why I was there. Ehe. I told them I can't go, but I did so well. We pick a seat near the projector screens and try to eat our food, everyone seemed to have eaten already. The show starts and videos of F4 were shown. I find out she's a Jerry fan and a Ken-Rainie (KR) fan as well. We scream and get giddy over Ximen-Xiaoyou scenes. After a while I get an SMS from the COUCHERS, a group of KR / XM-XY fanfic writers, that they're sitting somewhere there. I look for them, tagging Rhanie along. We meet for the first time the 3 part of our what became, KRaZY family. Tess, Jem and Anje. We talk for a while, and then I live. I don't remember if I left with Rhanie, but I was quite quite sure that I didn't.
Months passed, Rhanie and I were just talking through my fics, lj and yahoo messenger. When Nerie and I talked about RYIFC, we automatically looked for prospect moderators, and Rhanie was on TOP of my list. I contacted her ASAP and then gave her the link to the newly set up site. November 2004, RYIFC was standing with 13 moderators, with me included.

At the RYIFC Grand Launching, January 8, 2006 // SM MEGAMALL

I don't remember where I got Nerie and Rhanie meet, but I knew they did after a long while. How the 3 of us clicked, I don't have any idea. It's probably our KRaZY thoughts, or just the fact that we were meant to be that way even then.

At the KRL First Anniversary // Redbox, Greenbelt

Nerie was busy at school at this time, she wasn't online very much and I was actively participating in KR activities. In which Rhanie is active as well. I join her in planning and in events. That's what got us close I think. Soon after my letting go of my former group (THE 4 SISTERS OF THE F4 AFFILIATION) due to much arguements, I formed another group, this time, with Rhanie, Tess, Jem and Anje. We were? THE KRaZY FAMILY. I can say that that was almost a perfect relationship. It was really, and I felt it, a FAMILY. My woes are theirs, and my happiness are theirs too. I couldn't find anything more brilliant than that. Rhanie, suprisingly became my cousin due to the insane family planning 'the elders' (Jem, Tess and Anje) did. It was the peak of our INSANENESS over KR and everything felt soo true for us. Rhanie and I started calling each other, and I think and feel we would forever, 'CUZ'.
She was there when I was lost, and guided me back. Rhanie was my wings at that time. I ran away from home and she lovingly took me in. She saw me fall, stand up, and fall again. She helped me through almost everything that a REAL COUSIN would do. She made me look at the world differently, she made me appreciate myself more and believe. And I couldn't have been any happier, here I find the one true friend / cousin, I KNOW I WILL KEEP FOREVER.
Through her I met many new friends...and one of them became my lesbo-lover. Ehe. And she is?
It was a normal saturday for me and Rhanie to meet up with 'the elders'. It was also the time of the influx of Korean dramas, artists and music. And frankly, MY KRaZY family was pissed because of this. 'BLOODY KOREANS', that's what we say, and yes, I know, we regret that now. Mianhanda~ Moving on. I knew Rhanie had a bestfriend from school, and I find out more about her one day when Rhanie grudgingly told us that her bestfriend Gab was turning her into a korean fan and is driving her nuts with all these crazy characters, artists and shows. I shake my head, despite the fact that I was already listening to RAIN (and remembering that I had BoA & FTTS cds thanks to Nerie way back 2003) but I wasn't really a korean fan then. We listen to her rants for a month, and lo and behold, a month after she excitedly tells me......She has one...SHINHWA SONG in her mp3 player. Oho.
It was HOW DO I SAY.
Gab came into the picture one day, which I can't clearly remember, but I was introduced to her in Megamall, I think they were going to watch Japanese Horror Movies for class, I was with Jenny then and we were suppose to watch with them except it was rated 18. Bleh. Jenny's 12 for goodness sakes. -_-; We leave them, and as I walk away from Rhanie and Gab from the line, I tell Jenny, "Gab is seriously funny don't you think?" Jenny grins and nods enthusiastically.

At Mister Dounut // SM MEGAMALL

I meet Gab in Ateneo (the days when everything was so dark for me and Rhanie was helping me lead a normal life. LOL~), randomly spazzing about Shinhwa (she successfully turned me into a fan. I was digging Hyesung then) and just randomly talking. I went out with them one time, to go dancing and she totally changed my look that my godbrother Sherwin couldn't even recognize me. HAHA.
Days passed by and I wasn't really THAT close to her. Well, not until Orange Minions (OM) got complete in January 25, 2006. A day we unknowingly knew we were complete. Haha. Gab became my laughter, my happiness. She was inspiring and full of life. There was NEVER a dull moment. I became even more closer to her when I help her teach her blockmates to a dance in their FRESHMEN NIGHT. And even closer to divisoria trips, random ukay, and random lunch dates over at SM, UP or KATIPUNAN. Heh. And even if lesbo-lover is an irksome word, it wasn't true in meaning, it was a joke between the two of us. Hah. At least, Gab says, she's the girl in the relationship. *whacks*
Through Rhanie and Gab, I also met one wonderful person...the girl who became my sister...
My longest friend's name is Kate. Hah. She lives in the States now and moved on from calling me her bestfriend. I am, from what I feel, a mere memory of her childhood. This Kate however, remained a name for a long time, until one faithful day, while I was combing my hair infront of Rhanie's dorm-room mirror, a girl came in. She greeted me and from the pics that I saw, I knew she was Kate. I sat with her on Rhanie's bed (the bed where I slept on) and wait for Rhanie to finish bathing. I find out she's a kpop fan too, and knows Shinhwa as well. We talk about Hyesung and by the time Rhanie arrives, I find out that Kate's an awesome person. ^_^
After that we randomly meet, she's always either tagging along with gab, or just appearing at certain places. Haha. She was with us that night we went to JAIPUR. She saw me drunk, dance like mad with Gab and ate breakfast with Gab and Rhanie at Something Fishy early in the morning, make up, party clothes and everything else. Heh.
I wasn't really that close to her. She slept over, watched movies with me, camwhored and shopped with me. There wasn't really that feeling that I connected with her. Until ONE NIGHT, while I was sitting on Gab's floor showing Kate our first photoshoot pictures, I tell the story of CROSSROADS. She listened and listened hard, she didn't break eye contact from start to finish, she praised and suggested. And THAT was the connection I was looking for. That was when I decided to make ROADTRIP happen. And Kate is my sister in my fanfiction trilogy. ^_^

At my room while waiting for Rhanie to arrive

She's funny, silent and fantastically random. But Kate's Kate. The only person who can beat me to being late. The one who can make me smile at the simplest thought of her, the one who believed, who cared and whom I felt...unconditionally loved me...like my sister would.
Ofcourse, to be the Orange Minion, we had to have...6 members right? We were SHINHWA in our ways, and far and wide we searched, lol, and one day...she walked right there in the same place (but different in a way) I met Nerie 2 years ago. SEATTLES BEST. This time, in Katipunan.
I think I have to thank Andy for this. He was, excuse the word, stupid enough to get himself in an accident that up until now I couldn't believe have happened. He slipped, broke his spinal cord and was sent to my-death-place : THE HOSPITAL. I really was pissed with what happened, how he can have slipped while getting out of his car is beyond me, but I was bothered and worried to the very core (insert crying Angel here) that I had to give in to one project by SHINHWACHANGJO.NET (SHCJ) at that time : THE ANDY PROJECT. We were to make 1000 CRANES to wish him well. I had to find people. The first who contacted me was none other than...MEG.
It was like a slap from my past life actually, when I saw her name on my INBOX. Lei22 it read. I'm like WTF. Haha. Of all the names. I find out she's a fan of METEOR GARDEN (MG) too, what a coincidence. And even though she likes Eric the most, she's willing to help me out on the Andy Project. I met many people who volunteered. I assigned 100 cranes for everyone I think. I promised to make 500.

The first meeting, at Seattle's Best Coffee // Katipunan

I met Meg in Seattle's Best, while I was with Rhanie and Gab. It was weird, cause Rhanie and Gab knew her from one class. I think it was Theology. Haha. She was beadle they say. I shrug this off as something unimportant and continued with the task at hand. Meg was my active correspondent in this project. She helped me from start to finish. Eventually, we became a little bit closer, especially as the RICDY events started in SHCJ, in which we joined (and won as best RicDy couple) due to the fact that She's the Eric fan, and I'm the Andy fan, of what was already existing at that time : THE ORANGE MINIONS.


We didn't pick this name from a long meeting or a serious talk. It just...came. We don't see ourselves as SHINHWA's counterpart AT ALL. We are Shinhwa's fans, and we remain to be. For what reason we used Orange Minions, is for appreciating what SHINHWA has brought into our lives...this 5 friends we have right now. We are not 6 mainly because for SHINHWA, because they're 6. We are 6, BECAUSE WE ARE SIX. It was destined that we would be six. Shinhwa was just the way for us to be able to give reality to this destiny. And for this...we thank them.
I have never been happier in my life than I am of this day. WE WILL ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS, there will be fights, wrongs and misunderstandings. But one thing I will hold true. I have come from sooooo many friendships, and I know which one will last and not. See I had Nerie since 2004, but she's still there. Rhanie came unexpectedly long ago, but she's still there isn't she? I know Gab, Kate and Meg will stay as well. Friendship is NOT friendship, without it's tests. I have gone through this, I KNOW. I just hope that we would be able to get through it, like how friends should.
Girls, I will love you. I think even if we fall apart (although I can't seem to imagine that), I will continue loving you. I have learned to give justice to the word : UNCONDITIONAL, with which I applied to that one very important thing : LOVE.
For more years together, I will be here.
Sharing Forever, Together Forever.
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livin' the lifecrazieweirdo on January 25th, 2007 11:34 am (UTC)
angel, i'm just so amazed with your writing skills.. you make everything look even a lot more sweeter =)
이민우 의 밀리아amyliaz on January 25th, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
I think you make me cry more than I make you cry. Doesn't help that I'm reading this listening to sad songs. T_T
Nerissa ♥: friendsjangneri on January 26th, 2007 12:47 pm (UTC)
awww~ that was so... *sniff* I LOVE YOU.

Psst. May 22, 2004 Starbucks @ the podium. ^^

AND GAAAAB, I'm seeing an anorexic version of me. damnit~ I mean, I look effin' weird.

But that's the first picture I had with Rhanie and the first event I met her. ^^
Nerissa ♥: wanminjangneri on January 26th, 2007 01:02 pm (UTC)
"She was with a friend and the moment I entered, she looked at me and studied me half the time. Heh. I noticed that. "
> I was staring at your Zaizai button pinned on your shirt XD

" There were pictures taken and frankly, Nerie and I didn't talk much, it was just random talk and after a while, she was going back home. I didn't even take a second glance, not knowing she's going to have a huge impact on my life."
> Actually, ako din. When I went home, I was thinking of the whole meeting in general. It felt SO weird to actually see the people I chat often in the net.

"She was so funny when she approached me and asked for an autograph. "

"Nerie kept me sane. I never told her much, didn't even talk to her over the phone like I do now, but she kept me sane and I loved her for that. "
> And you kept me INSANE. I love you for that.
+Meg: His Only Sunshine Girl+: forever sepiaparkchoongjae on January 26th, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC)
Eventually, we became a little bit closer, especially as the RICDY events started in SHCJ, in which we joined (and won as best RicDy couple) due to the fact that She's the Eric fan, and I'm the Andy fan, of what was already existing at that time : THE ORANGE MINIONS.

Ako pala kumumpleto sa OM. :) hehe.

Thanks Angel. Thanks for always being there.

I love you.