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New Layout! =D

I thought changes should be made, so hello, here's a new layout :) It's nothing much, as I'm not up to my standards at the moment, but I hope you like it nonetheless. I like the simplicity of it.

Anyway, hope you guys are alright and happy.

Take care always, much love.

I miss you ♥
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[layout] New Christmas Layout!

Hahahaha 8D
I was inspired.... <333

Check out gf_oncrack, hahaha. That by far is my most favorite pic of OM even if all I can see is my nose. LOL! I wasn't blessed on that part sorry. LOL! ^^ But overall, the image is sooo nice!!! ^^ Hee <333

Girls, I'll have this printed out by this week, say thursday as the latest. I need to see you come Friday / Saturday for your signatures. I'm afraid we'd have to send this out late, but yeah, late or never. As le_byul / Rhanie's out of town as of now, we can either wait for her to come home, or send this to her and send in money to her account so she can send this all. HAHAHA. Your choice. ^^ I'm okay with all.

Wait for the forum, I'll work on it tomorrow.
As for the individual layouts, let's just say...Maybe Santa's Angel will be out this Christmas... AGAIN :D


PS. jangneri / Nerie, your testimonial isn't linked here yet, please please please link it now ^^ Thanks!
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++Orange Minions Testimonial++

My turn. :)

I think it's about time that I express my feelings.

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It's been one year and a half. I can say we've been though a lot already. One circumstance threatened our friendship but it only made us stronger. Made us stick to each other more. Ika nga nila, kapag lalo mong binubuwag, mas lalong tumitindi ang kapit. During this time that I realized that no matter what happens, we will not leave one another. Walang iwanan.  This is it. This is where I belong. I know we will go through so much more in the coming years, but I am not afraid. Because I know we have each other to hold on to.

No matter what.

I love you guys. 

Cheers to our friendship and love!


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The day I met you, was the day I knew life was worth living.

I sit today infront of my computer thinking what to write. A fanfic? A song? or should I make a video and graphic instead? What gift should I give to the 5 most important people in my life? And then I smile. I am penniless and I can't really give the satisfaction my girls deserves. So what else can I give? And I remember this.
I can only give LOVE.
Have you ever wondered where and when it started?
For this I can provide the story I can remember so vividly. The story of when I met the by one. :)
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We didn't pick this name from a long meeting or a serious talk. It just...came. We don't see ourselves as SHINHWA's counterpart AT ALL. We are Shinhwa's fans, and we remain to be. For what reason we used Orange Minions, is for appreciating what SHINHWA has brought into our lives...this 5 friends we have right now. We are not 6 mainly because for SHINHWA, because they're 6. We are 6, BECAUSE WE ARE SIX. It was destined that we would be six. Shinhwa was just the way for us to be able to give reality to this destiny. And for this...we thank them.
I have never been happier in my life than I am of this day. WE WILL ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS, there will be fights, wrongs and misunderstandings. But one thing I will hold true. I have come from sooooo many friendships, and I know which one will last and not. See I had Nerie since 2004, but she's still there. Rhanie came unexpectedly long ago, but she's still there isn't she? I know Gab, Kate and Meg will stay as well. Friendship is NOT friendship, without it's tests. I have gone through this, I KNOW. I just hope that we would be able to get through it, like how friends should.
Girls, I will love you. I think even if we fall apart (although I can't seem to imagine that), I will continue loving you. I have learned to give justice to the word : UNCONDITIONAL, with which I applied to that one very important thing : LOVE.
For more years together, I will be here.
Sharing Forever, Together Forever.
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Today, gf_oncrack reopens.

It didn't really closed down, but we got tired of posting a very long time, thus we come back. Only better this time. I've deleted the past entries and changed the layout. There will be more changes in the upcoming days, and a few surprises. 

This site is open for FRIENDS of the ORANGE MINIONS, if you wish to add us, you could, but remember, BASHING is NOT allowed in this community, we can immediately ban you AND MORE, believe me. We exist to extend friendship and to share our friendship to the world. If you come in PEACE, then we will welcome you with open arms. ^_^

Today we celebrate one year of friendship.

Girls, Happy Anniversary. ^_^

--ANGEL. 01.25.07

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